What Is The Need Of CE Marking In The UK

The European Commission says: "By attaching the CE mark to a product, the manufacturer declares under sole responsibility that the product complies with the basic requirements of the directives applicable to it and that appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been implemented. The CE mark enjoys free circulation on the European market. 

The required product property declaration is based on the European standard (EN) of the European Commission for CEN standardization. Here you will find information about the CE mark, suitable for manufacturers, importers, dealers, and consumers. You can consider the declaration of conformity and product safety marking cost in UK to sell your products online.


The CE marking is applied very differently compared to different product groups. This applies both to the complexity of the specification and to strict monitoring and control by independent certification and control bodies, called notified bodies. Any notified body must be approved by an EU member state. This Agreement only applies to certain precisely defined areas.

Declaration of conformity and CE marking are two instruments that allow the free movement of goods in Europe. The need to remove technical barriers to the free movement of goods has been recognized since the Rome Treaty of 1957. Since 1985, many guidelines defining product properties have followed the "General Concept",

Since 1993, the New Approach Directive has introduced a modular system that defines general principles and procedures for conformity assessment and CE marking. The conformity assessment can be proven by one or more certificates according to the reference guidelines. With the exception of certain modules, all certificates require the participation of a notified body, which according to the intended procedure: