The Difference Between CBD Oil and Marijuana

It is helpful to understand how CBD or Cannabidiol, oil differs from marijuana. Much of the confusion comes from the fact that CBD oil can actually be derived from both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. Both plants are members of the cannabis family, but marijuana is the only one that has enough THC to cause psychoactive results when consumed.

However, CBD, which is taken from the buds, flowers, seeds, or stalks of either plant, only has small amounts of THC, and that which is extracted from hemp plants has none. CBD oil taken from the hemp plant is often called hemp extract.   

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Can You Get High?

So, can you get high from taking CBD oil in any form? Absolutely not. Even CBD with small amounts of THC (usually less than .3%) does not contain nearly enough to cause a psychoactive result. Research has even been done to suggest that Cannabidiol actually has properties that could counteract psychoactive symptoms from substances such as THC. 

Why Use CBD Oil?

Many have joked that taking the THC out of the cannabis plant takes away all of its fun and usefulness, but many who are experiencing relief from serious medical ailments do not see CBD oil as a laughing matter. In fact, CBD oil is celebrated by those who wish to experience many of the health benefits of the hemp and marijuana plants without sacrificing their sobriety in the process.

People have begun to report numerous health benefits of using this product, and it could be in line to change the way we think about health.