Car Detailing – Improving the Look of Your Car

Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning, polishing, and protecting every part of a car from top to bottom, and from the inside to the exterior of the vehicle using specific tools and products not typically employed by car cleaning professionals.

The primary goal of the services of car cleaning in North Brisban is to improve and greatly restore the appearance of the car involved.

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Car detailing assists in the removal of minor scratches or marks that are left on the exterior of the vehicle. Car detailing can be classified into two types, exterior detailing, and internal detailing. 

Exterior detailing involves the restoration of the vacuum, cleaning, and enhancing the original conditions of exterior elements of the vehicle such as tires, wheels, and windows, among other elements. The most commonly used products for exterior detailing include polishes, waxes, degreasers, and soap.


Interior car detailing is cleaning the inside areas of the vehicle or car that includes vinyl, leather, plastics natural fibers, and carbon-fiber plastics. To clean the interior of the car diverse methods like steam cleaning and vacuuming are employed. Interior detailing takes longer and more effort compared to exterior cleaning.


Car detailing for exteriors involves procedures like drying, washing polishing, claying, and so on. When detailing the vehicle washing is performed using a powerful, specialized spray. This is followed by hand washing various components of the car, such as doors, door jambs glasses, etc.