How To Choose Wedding Favours In Melbourne?

Choosing your wedding favors can seem like a daunting task so take a look at these great tips to help you make the right choice for your big day. Practical wedding favors are a fantastic idea for guests to be able to keep long after your wedding.

Wine bottle stoppers are a very useful service and with so many on the market, they are easy to tie into your wedding theme. For those of you who are getting married abroad in the middle of summer or in sunny weather, an elegant silk fan is probably the most precious gift you can give.

You can also choose chocolate party favours to give as a return gift to your guests.

There are some beautiful sandals made of sandalwood or silk that are cheap to buy and also make beautiful table decorations. And remember, if you're getting married overseas, consider your baggage service load.

Edible souvenirs are always appreciated, with chocolate being very popular. But if you'd rather not risk melted chocolate, there is a large selection of wedding cakes or cupcakes on the market. Cake wreaths are becoming more and more fashionable and look fantastic as the center of attention.

And of course, there are the traditional 5 sweet almonds. Guests are always grateful for something to eat on the way home!

The cardholder can double as a wedding service that your guests can keep as a photo holder. There are many decorative card holders that would look stunning as part of your table setting.