Is the King James Version the Only Legitimate Version of the Bible?

There is a lot of controversies about which biblical version must be considered “legitimate”. The enemy of faith is happy to show that Christians cannot even agree about which version can be trusted. Believers vary greatly, with some expressing very logical and reasonable conclusions, others seem to be mostly according to tradition or emotion.

Do many people and trials claim the only legitimate Bible version is the King James version but is this true? With various biblical versions out there, are all other versions that don’t have to be trusted? You can read bible statistics from the bible history timeline online at

Language problems

Let’s start with extreme cases. If the King James version is truly the only legitimate, people who don’t speak English without God’s Word! What is good will be a Roman or Esther Bible will be someone if they don’t understand the language? 

8 Reasons We Don't Read the Bible - Bible Study

Should we demand other language speakers first learn “old English” before they can read the Bible? Realistically, if we demand that the Bible be studied in its original language, they will not study in “old English”.

In fact, the scholars agreed that the Bible, from the incident to Revelation, was composite, written for several 2,000 years – but “written” by one God when he revealed the truth to the man led by His Holy Spirit. 

Because cultural change does occur, and because the authors are truly scattered in time and location, there are actually several languages ​​involved. In general, the Old Testament is partly arranged in Hebrew and partly in Aramaic. On Jesus’ Day, Hebrews and Aram were spoken, but most of the New Testament scripts were recorded in Greek.

What Is The Bible Really About?

The Bible is a really distinctive book.  This is the best selling publication, sold across the world and interpreted in over 1500 languages.  But, irrespective of its prevalence, nearly never read worse and overall, very little known.

The majority of folks will read the publication at one time of grief or only for motivation and inspiration.  However, the Bible is much more than only a book when you’re searching for motivation. You can get to know about classic bible genealogy timeline online at

The Bible is the Lord’s guide about how to live an ethical and joyful life.  It is filled with knowledge.  You may not receive all of the info you need on every facet of individual life, however, you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot about spirituality.

8 Reasons We Don't Read the Bible - Bible Study

God provides us the skills and wisdom we will need to obtain knowledge.  There are just a couple of things that the Bible cannot be said.  It is possible to locate these things together with your intelligence.  But when you take a look at the Bible objectively, you will understand that the knowledge and information that they have you won’t find anyplace else.

The Bible is a book of religious truth.  This will supply you with knowledge of substance and physical issues like health, finance, as well as some mathematics.  But, it may not be too comprehensive to them.  

Here is the only publication that clarifies why people are made. The Bible is an accurate publication.  Most contents could be confirmed and contrary to popular beliefs, scientific understanding won’t ever have the ability to substitute it.  This is a publication that’s still applicable now.