Packing Tips That Removalists Follow

Moving house is stressful and exhausting. Besides the numerous things to coordinate and handle, one of the prime questions that bother everyone is how to pack household belongings. While many may consider it to be a do-it-yourself task, fortunately availing professional support for packing commodities is definitely a viable option. There are some reliable house movers & removals in Perth that provide the best moving services.

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Reputed removalists in Perth offer the dual services of packing and moving. Staffed with trained and skillful men, these companies offer to outclass services to pack commodities with competence. They are equipped with the right packing supplies and know what to use where. 

Here's how they pack each item to perfection:


  • For long-distance and interstate relocation cushioned craft paper is ideal for wrapping furniture pieces. Fragile, breakable, and high-value items are packed and placed in custom-built crates. The voids, if any, are filled with bubble paper.

  • Plastic packing is not recommended for packing furniture pieces made from natural materials like leather and polished timber.

Fragile Items

  • Glassware and china crockery is wrapped individually. Each piece is cushioned carefully and kept in customized boxes.

  • Prefer contour-packing as it aids safe handling and space-efficient loading.

  • Use customized crates for placing belongings.

  • Where ever necessary, dismantle and pack stuff.


  • Fold them nicely and lay them flat. Use special lay-down cartons to save space.

  • Do not fold coats, suits, and clothes made from delicate fabrics. Let them remain on hangers and move them in a hanging position.

  • Ensure clothes are clean and absolutely dry.