Everything You Need To Know About Hemorrhoid Treatment

Some hemorrhoids are so severe that they need to be treated by a doctor instead of home remedies. Hemorrhoid treatment that is far from one visit to the doctor often takes days. Most treatments need to be combined with regular additional exercise to be effective, just like the treatment of any disease. 

Starting with an examination that may involve the use of a special instrument called an anoscope, the doctor first diagnoses hemorrhoids and then begins treatment based on an examination of the severity of the hemorrhoids.

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A common treatment for hemorrhoids is the use of special medicated pads. You may already be familiar with this type of donut-shaped pillow. The reason these pillows are donut-shaped is to remove pressure from the rectum and redistribute it across the buttocks. 

Since these specialized medical pillows can be very expensive, a cheaper and almost as effective solution is to purchase a small life raft that distributes pressure in the same way. The same principle applies, and while it's not as effective as a custom-made pillow, it does.

Another common treatment for hemorrhoids is taking regular hot baths. Adding oatmeal to this hot tub can also help, although it's not necessary. Regular hot baths loosen and loosen the rectum, allowing swollen and inflamed blood vessels to heal naturally. 

Although this method is not a quick cure for hemorrhoids, it can be combined with other treatments to facilitate the healing process. As with most treatments, medications work best when used together, not when used alone.