Bed Bug Control – Understanding Bed Bugs

Once, the thought of bed bugs was eradicated in developed countries, but these parasitic insects are now back in the resurrection. Bed bugs are now popping up everywhere – from homes to hotels and even office furniture.

The prevalence of bugs has been making people clamor to control bed bugs. You can also read more here about bed bug control and its treatment.

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The Cimex lectularius is most commonly known as bed bugs, the reddish-brown insects that feed on the human blood. They are small, flat, and wingless. Usually, these bugs range in size from 1mm to 7mm.

Given their size, they can crawl and hide in the smallest places. These insects move from place to place by traveling through the clothes and suitcases of people who have lived in a place where the bugs are present. It should be noted that cleanliness has nothing to do with the control of bed bugs.

A bug infestation is independent of the hygiene conditions. Bugs occupy the house because they were brought there, usually with visitors, from second-hand furniture, or even by the owner himself after coming out of the bug-infested place.

To find out if there are bed mites are present in a house, see in the dark and isolated places. Bed mites are known to have stayed in about 8 feet from the victim. Signs that bed bugs are around are dark spots they leave. These dark spots bug which can be easily seen.

One must be careful in controlling the outbreak of the bug. Only by missing some eggs, or missing the place, plague most likely to occur again after a few weeks. Bed mites can live up to a year without eating. Their eggs are almost invisible to the human eye.