Unique Ideas For Memorable Wedding Invitations

Custom options available for wedding invitations are unlimited. For the couple who want a unique look for their wedding invitations are a wonderful place to start.

There are several ways to create unique and lasting invitations of your special day. Choosing an invitation and stationery in Melbourne for your wedding is important because it will be one of the lasting memories of that day.

wedding invitations

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Take time to choose an invitation that reflects the true spirit you share as a couple and do not worry whether it has a traditional look. Some ideas to consider:

Photo Invitation – Invitations with the engaged couple are a touching way to invite others to your wedding. There are a variety of ways that the photos can be incorporated into the wedding invitations.

Invitations with drawings – Subtle black and white drawings are a romantic touch to wedding invitations, and a wonderful way to make your unique invitations. A simple drawing of a church, wedding bells, or a representation of the couple that children all add an interesting touch to wedding invitations.

Adding fun – One way to add a unique touch to your wedding invitations is adding something fun at the invitation envelope. You can choose confetti, stickers, or a funny picture of the bride and groom.

If you're planning a destination wedding, include a brochure on the region where you get married. Another popular trend is embellished traditional paper invitations with large bows or colored satin, organza, and lace.