Use Of Automated Milking Systems in Farms

Farms with an automatic milking system (AMS), the sensor has been used to detect mastitis, while in farms with conventional milking system (CMS), the sensor is much more likely to be used to detect mastitis. A heavy platform and sensor systems determine the content of fat and protein in milk is more often used on farms with AMS to agriculture with CMS. The use of the sensor system so that different for agricultural use different milking system 

Reasons to invest in sensor systems varies. Some farmers use the Saberfarm sensor as standard equipment in AMS, but other farmers have deliberately invested in sensors to improve estrus detection and disease or to obtain information about the health and fertility of their livestock Some studies show that oestrus detection performance can be improved with the use of sensor systems. The sensor system can detect about 80 to 85% of cows in estrus, while the visual method detects only 55% of cows in estrus.

So far, research on sensor system has been focused on the development of sensors and detection performance. The use of the sensor system can increase estrus and detection of disease. It is not known, however, whether the use of the sensor system also improves health measures and production, such as the average days to first service and average SCC.