Junkyard Safety Why Avoid Amateur Auto Salvage Yards?

Many "amateur junkyards", also known as "amateur junkyards", have a business license. Although they are technical businesses, auto salvage yards often leave little to be desired in customer service. Here are three things that you should look at if you want to get parts from an amateur junkyard. You can search online "we buy junk cars near me" for your auto part selling process.

1. Collapsing Cars

Amateur auto salvage yards sometimes stack cars on cars until they reach a height of several stories. Although the cars are usually able to stay put, they can be stacked up into a towering pile that wasn't designed by an architect. You might be lucky to escape with only broken bones, not fatal injuries if a tower of cards collapses and pins your feet underneath. You should cancel your trip if you see a lot of cars as you approach a junkyard.

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If used cars are left in salvage yards for a long time, stinging bugs and snakes can make nests and invade them. For its temperature conduction properties, snakes prefer to hide under the sheet metal. However, setting up shop under a car's hood is fine.

2. There are no safety rules

Because it is assumed that everyone knows how to behave in a salvage yard, some junkyards don’t have safety rules. Customers generally behave in a safe manner. However, there are some junkyard customers who do not observe safety precautions and behave in a dangerous manner (e.g. smoking or drinking).

You could also be at risk from their actions. A place with many hard, metal objects around a person is no place to enjoy a few cold ones.


Junkyards are often called "amateur" because they don't have a license or operate in a way that professional junkyards would when it comes to customer safety. Sometimes, both of these traits can be found in one junkyard.