Animal Communication And Healing

Since the concept of communicating with animals is widely accepted, it can provide additional insight and help understand behavioral problems. This can be important if the animal is thought to be out of control or showing signs of stress or discomfort for no apparent reason and the owner is considering breaking up with him.

When combined with practical medicine, communication is very useful as an additional tool because it can uncover problems that are not easily seen. However, it should always be seen as a supplement and can never replace veterinary care. You can also go for natural health care for animals online course.

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While studying veterinary care, I was invited to the stables to see a small pony and a large mare, both young animals who did not behave well despite several veterinary examinations and the assistance of a veterinary communicator. The little pony doesn't know why she's misbehaving and seems to enjoy her mistakes.

When I started the practical treatment, I was pleasantly surprised, he was completely relaxed, almost asleep, very well behaved, he seemed happy and walked happily.

The big mare Betty was completely different, according to the communicator she knew that her owner had told her to get rid of her, she was very afraid of it, but when she was ridden after a short time, she got up and threw the driver.

Although medication and communication failed to solve the problem, he was able to show that the horse was genuinely afraid and had good reasons for his dangerous behavior.