The Importance of Emergency Medical Services in Kenya

Ambulances and paramedics are emergency medical services that provide pre-hospital emergency care and stabilization for serious diseases and injuries, as well as transportation to a hospital for further treatment.

Many emergencies occur anytime, anywhere. The most common cases that require immediate medical attention are road or highway accidents, heart attacks, and large mass casualties. 

An emergency medical facility in Kenya mainly consists of two separate units.

First Emergency Medical Care: The first is the care of the patient before his arrival at the hospital. This first unit mainly covers first aid and emergency transportation services, mostly emergency services. Prehospital care also includes transferring patients from one hospital to another. Ambulance transportation is the most common form of emergency medical care for patients.

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Second Emergency Medical Care: The second emergency medical care unit is the medical care provided to patients as soon as they arrive at the hospital. The second level of emergency medical care becomes meaningless if the patient does not get to the hospital on time.

Timing is critical in an emergency and without medical attention, an accident can be fatal. People know that emergency medical care is provided by paramedics or trained technicians, so emergency numbers are common. Mistakes lead to dire consequences, yet millions of lives around the world are saved every day for emergency treatment.