How Long Does It Take To Dry Out My Home Or Business After Flooding?

Salvaging what you can of water-damaged property is a top priority. Drying out can take a day or several weeks, depending on the amount of water damage and the size of the building. There are several steps to take to help dry out the property.

  • Weather permitting, if the humidity is less outside than inside, open the windows and let the building air out. You can also move wet furniture and throw rugs outside to dry.

  • Run fans through the house to circulate air, but not the HVAC system if it was subjected to flooding. You can even get help from the restoration experts via for your home or business. 

  • Dehumidifiers can work in closed rooms, and a combination of pumping first and then wet vacuuming can also help to dry out the building. At all times exercise caution.

What do water damage restoration experts use to dry the water damage?

What methods are used to dry water damage will depend on an environmental check. Octagon Cleaning & Restoration will send a water damage restoration expert certified in assessing the damage and implementing an action plan immediately. 

The first step is checking the environment for mold to determine the course of action. The presence of mold will directly impact the method of drying out the premises. No mold means an active drying system can be implemented using a variety of industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers. 

The presence of mold will require a passive method of drying so as not to distribute mold spores throughout the house.