Payment Gateways Filter and Protect Merchants from Fraud

Traders in industries that are particularly sensitive to cybercriminals should protect their businesses with powerful anti-fraud software. Most payment processing gateways provide some degree of fraud protection. However, the type and effectiveness of fraud protection may vary between payment processing gateways.

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Payment Gateways Filter and Protect Merchants from Fraud

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A powerful, yet flexible fraud management system is the best protection for almost all merchants. Look for systems that allow merchants to configure extensive filters that are important to detect fraud and screen suspicious transactions that may occur.

Good payment processing systems provide comprehensive reports that give merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions and block suspicious activity. A good payment processing gateway system will also zero in on malicious users. The best system looks at transactions before and after processing and can reduce transactions before and after authorization..

Other important characteristics to search for are strategies that enable retailers to keep their own good and poor customer record, edit filters, and limit access by banning IPs, and setup and maintain filter controllers.

Properly put fraud filters remove the vast majority of fraudulent trades in real-time. The chosen filters need to have the ability to be customized for every retailer. The filters must also be upgraded continuously upgraded to maintain the retailer one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Being an educated retailer and shield your payment gateway system out of possible fraud.

Specialties include high quantity and higher risk merchant accounts processing in addition to EFT, ACH, and cellular Payments.