How Residential Solar Installation Works?

Residential solar systems are the best way to have a positive impact on the environment while making savings. System components must be of high quality and supplied by reliable manufacturers to ensure the safety of residents using the Home Solar System. 

This is where solar systems come into play, developed specifically for photovoltaic systems. You can also get more information about solar installation in Kew via the web.

Solar Panel Installation

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Tell us what these components are and how your solar roof system works.

Solar collector

Solar panels are made up of several smaller dark blue components called solar cells. These cells work on the principle of the Becquerel effect or photovoltaic effect. 

The electrical energy produced by cells depends on the intensity of sunlight it receives.

Solar inverter

The solar panels on the roof generate alternating current or alternating current, whereas our household appliances operate on alternating current or alternating current. 

Therefore it is important to convert direct current into the alternating current before using the electricity generated by the panel.

Network counters

The grid meter measures the electricity generated in the household. During lunch, when the sun is at its highest, the panels often generate more electricity than households use. The grid is being supplied with excess electricity.

Prefabricated structures

As these panels are exposed to wind and rain, they must be supported by a sturdy mounting structure that can withstand strong winds. This mounting structure holds the panels in place and prevents them from blowing in the wind.