Common Problems When Repairing Air Conditioner of Car

A faulty air conditioning system can make driving unbearable in the hot summer months. A minor inconvenience for the rest of the year, a faulty air conditioner is certainly an emergency situation when the mercury rises. 

Here are the most likely reasons your device is not working:-

Electrical Problems:- If your AC is not working at all, it might be an electrical problem and requires airconditioning services. Fuses, relays, pressure switches and other electrical components can be damaged at any time due to age or defects. In this case the system will be shut down for security reasons. 

The 5 Most Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

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The inevitable result was that the air conditioner didn't respond when it was turned on – not even the lights were on. Only skilled mechanics have the knowledge and tools to isolate problems with diagnostic tests.

Faulty Compressor:- Another common problem when repairing a car air conditioner in an old car is a worn out compressor. The heart of the device, the compressor, is responsible for circulating the refrigerant throughout the system. If it breaks, the vent just gets warm. While age is the number one cause of compressor failure, dirt or other defective parts can also damage vital components. Visual inspection of parts is often a mechanical necessity to diagnose problems. If it cannot be repaired, the compressor needs to be replaced.

Clogged Air Filter:- Cabin air filter attaches to the outer inlet of your car's ventilation system and removes dirt, grime and debris from the outside environment before being pumped in. If the filter is clogged with all the accumulated dirt, the air flow may be interrupted.