Online Counseling – Is It Right For You?

At a time when we do almost everything online, we are seeing increasing online counseling options. There are several reasons for opting for online counseling.

You may be too busy to set up and travel to see your consultant. You can not access your advisor because of transportation, or perhaps there are limited counselors in your area.

There are many good reasons to use online counseling and therapeutic services. That being said, it is important to determine whether or not online counseling is appropriate for your needs.

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A general rule is that the services in the counseling line are not suitable if you are dealing with severe and chronic mental illness, or if security is an issue. Certainly, serious problems can be treated very well with the right online adviser, but not at a time when the face-to-face relationship is necessary for your current or other safety or health and wellness in the light of a serious illness.

Maybe you are looking for a place to vent your children, your job, or your partner. Maybe you need to talk through your options regarding your career. Maybe you are looking for stress management strategies or ways to manage your anxiety and panic.

Maybe you're out of the country and are experiencing problems and want to talk to someone who shares your cultural background. Maybe you lost something or someone dear to your heart and you want to work in your feelings and plan your future.