Italian Black Truffle Seas Salt

The wonderfully rich, delectable taste of black truffle salt redefines the term "salty". Created from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt harvested off the shores of the Mediterranean, this delectable salty treat elevates simple everyday dishes to gastronomic feats. A must-have in any cook's pantry, truffle salt is also very economical. When added to your favorite recipes, you will notice a definite boost in taste and popularity.

Truffle salt was created during the 12th century by a monk called Gabriele da Gama. This Italian chef created a new way to season Italian dishes, using black truffle salt as a way to give the food a unique, salty flavor. Because of its popularity, the name for this product came about as well. While historically this type of salt was used only in Italy, it has made its way westward to places like Mexico and the Caribbean. Today, many cooks in America are adding it to their menus to give dishes a slight kick, and black truffle salt takes pride of place in many gourmet kitchens.

One of the most popular uses for black truffle sea salt is to make salty snacks and popcorn. Often you will find popcorn made with this salt in various flavors, including those that are known as "queseradish". This salty caramel flavor lends itself perfectly to various combinations of cheese and meats, particularly when served with fresh vegetables. You can use it on just about any cracker or snack cracker, and it goes great on eggs, too. Try caramelized black truffle salt on grilled salmon, to create a unique sandwich, or scatter it over top of lightly cooked popcorn for a unique summer popcorn treat.

Other good combinations with this earthy flavor blend include using it on baked sweet potatoes or a savory omelet. For a more basic recipe, try it on a piece of flatbread with a mild butter flavor. Other breeds such as French baguettes or English muffins also work well, but if you are looking for something with a stronger flavor, try roasted black truffle sea salt on soft bread dough.

For a savory meal with this salty taste, try using it on lightly sauteed mushrooms, or on your baked French fries. Truffle oil makes an excellent dressing for mushrooms or vegetable dishes that have been prepared with it, and it also goes nicely on chicken or fish. A bottle of this blend on a stick goes great on salads, as it can be soaked up with lemon juice and added to other dishes. You can even sprinkle it over pasta sauce if you are feeling creative.

In terms of baking, this unique combination is almost perfect. Soft cookies and pasta are easily combined with the earthy flavor of sea salt. Salads and wraps with a hint of mushroom or onion flavor can be seasoned with it before baking. Crusty pizzas, seafood stew, meatloaf, and shepherd's pie are also a hit.

This seasoning blend can be found in many health food stores, and online. It has become a favorite among cooks and those who enjoy trying new flavors. It does not contain any gluten, which means that those with wheat allergies or strict dietary requirements do not have to avoid this product. This is one of those rare finds that make the everyday diet a little healthier and even delicious. Chefs and foodies alike love it, and many have developed their own favorites.

Cooking with this unique combination of salty and sweet is a revelation. It brings out the best in Italian black truffle dishes while raising the nutritional value to a higher level as well. No other salt can do what this salt does. The next time you cook, consider adding it to your meal planning.