Is Cloud-Based Software Really the Future of Recruitment?

Have you taken any calls recently from software providers? Calls where you’re promised the world if only you would switch from your existing software provider? The chances are that you’ve taken a few of these, and that’s a conservative estimate. For those of you who haven’t it begs the question, what exactly is cloud-based recruitment software, and how can it help recruiters?

Habits of the small recruitment agency

In order to understand what the future holds it’s important to appraise the tools being used in the present. Regardless of how long recruitment agencies have been trading, they tend to exhibit the same reluctance to integrating modern technology into their business. You can also look for next generation human resource management system online through various reputed websites. 

Therefore it’s commonplace to visit a small recruiter and bear witness to the following;

  • Reliance on filing cabinets and paper-based administration.
  • Compensating for their lack of technology by hiring specialist administrators.
  • Slow, cumbersome response when preparing for audits.
  • Administrators spending valuable time correcting errors affecting the business.

Whilst this continues to occur in recruitment, it’s only fair to consider why small agencies continue to persist down this road. Traditionally the cost of implementing new software or IT infrastructure has been relatively expensive, presenting a significant barrier to entry for business owners. I’ve lost count of the number of agency owners I’ve spoken with who appreciate the merits of technology, but they couldn’t take the financial risk to implement it.