How To Unlock An iPhone In Los Angeles

If you want to switch from your current carrier to a new one while keeping your iPhone, or if you buy a used one, you may find that the device is tied to your current carrier or carrier. While this could have been a major problem in the past, the good news is that it's usually a lot easier to unlock an iPhone these days.

You should be able to get your network provider to unlock the iPhone for you; often free. You can even do it yourself. So for now, you have to follow the steps in this article for mobile phone unlock.

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Is Unlocking an iPhone Legal?

It's completely legal to unlock your iPhone after you've completed the payment on your contract or bought it outright without subsidies. However, if you're still in the process of paying the contract, you don't own the iPhone completely.

Is my iPhone locked?

If your iPhone is locked, you will usually see a message like "SIM Not Supported" when you try to set up your device. For more information, please go here to find out if your iPhone is locked.

There are four simple steps to take to unlock an iPhone:

  1. Contact your provider and request an unlock using the contact details and online tools listed below.

  2. If you haven't got the original SIM, you'll need to reset the phone before it can be unlocked.

  3. Power down the phone then replaces the old SIM card with a SIM from a different network.

  4. Check that the iPhone can connect a phone call over the new network.

That's the shortened version, but let's go through those steps in a bit more detail.