How To Grow Golden Teacher Mushrooms Using Their Spores In Canada

When learning to cultivate Golden Teacher Mushrooms Inoculation is possible using their spores by using high-quality print spores. A spore print is a powdery layer that is created by allowing the spores of the Golden Teacher Mushroom to fall upon the surface beneath. The spore prints of mushrooms are utilized to identify mushrooms, for collecting them to study future germination or research, and also to create stunning artworks. 

Golden teacher mushroom spore prints are created by cutting into the cap mushroom. They are then placed on other than the mushroom cap in order that the spores are released from the cap and are taken home.

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Paper Rubs Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

  • Rub and fold The Golden Teacher Mushrooms printed spores in a way that spores fall onto the agar nutrified. (This method isn't the most efficient as the concentrated populations of mushroom spores are typically mixed together, resulting in lower than expected results.)

Germinating the Golden Teacher Mushroom spores that are generated from the print is best performed using nutrified agar plates within the glove box like cloning of tissue and agar.

The Golden Teacher is Streaking and Scalpels Spores of Mushrooms:

  • Sterilize a scalpel by passing it through a torch before cooling it down in the nutriified Agar. This is how the scalpel becomes covered in a moist adhesive layer to aid in Golden Teacher mushrooms spores attachment.

  • Use the scalpel tip in order to take the spores of the mushroom that are plentiful.

  • Make an "S" pattern on all the surfaces of your dish.

  • 5 to 15 days after 5 to 15 days later, the spores (should) develop according to the pattern of streaking.

  • The spores that germinate can be sub-cultured to more Petri dishes.