Eco Friendly Pest Control Has Ancient Roots

Eco-friendly pest control is nothing new. It's quite old. Early humans fought insects even before agriculture. After the start of agriculture, the struggle turned into war.

Hundreds and thousands of years ago, there were no pesticides to reuse. And early growers were highly motivated. Cultural failure can lead to starvation. You can also check the best eco friendly pest control via

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These old farmers were very observant and quickly imitated what they saw in nature. That doesn't mean they always do the right thing, but they try. Various environmental pest control tactics are mentioned in ancient Chinese, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman writings.

Many plants burn post-harvest residue to kill insects, larvae, and eggs, as well as weed seeds. This technique was mentioned nearly 3,000 years ago by the ancient Chinese and 1,000 years later by the Roman Virgil. Even today, some farmers still burn their crop residues, even though concerns about climate change could change that.

Burning crop residues is only one of several techniques used to break the life cycle of pests. Crop rotation is another technique first used in ancient China to prevent pest populations from multiplying rapidly. 

The first mechanical insect traps were not made until the early 18th century. A German doctor named Franz Brookmann designed a fly trap out of a wooden box. 

Environmental pest control techniques are not new. They have been refined and proven over thousands of years. Most of the time, they are cheap, easy, and safe.