Building a Facebook Messenger Bot

The best part about building a Facebook Chatbot is the ability to incorporate both into your marketing arsenal. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for banner ads or links, now you can run a series of quick messages from a special feature in Messenger that lets you do just that.

When you set up your Messenger Bot to send messages, it will let you know what messages it is sending out as well as when it's going to run for the day. You can set it up so that your messages are sent out at a scheduled time every day at a predetermined frequency. This could be based on whatever time of day works best for you, or it may simply be to get your messages sent out more regularly.

When you set up your bot to send messages, you also have the option of having the bot send out specific keywords that will cause the bot to suggest the messages that it has written out. It is a great way to make your messages stand out and allow the user to decide whether or not they want to continue reading them.

The only downside to a bot like this is that your bot is not going to be able to do much more than send out messages for you. You will need to provide the text or image as well as the link or screen name that the user would need to access your Bot.

You can also choose the message that you want to forward to the user. If you have decided that you want your message to stay on Messenger long enough to allow them to see it, then you can set the bot to send a message every seven days at a preset interval, where you will specify that it should be read and acted upon or deleted.

If you would rather get rid of your Bot after one or two days, you can have it delete itself after that time period has passed. Some bots even allow you to delete them even if you have chosen to keep them after some time has passed.

Bots are also not limited in the type of messages that they can send out. For example, if you have a bot that is programmed to send messages from newsfeeds, you can specify that your bot sends out updates from that feed instead of all the rest.

Bots are also much more affordable than other types of advertising. Because they do not have to constantly watch the same advertisements, they are much more cost effective and give your business a true sense of satisfaction.

As you might expect, most Facebook users will welcome the idea of a bot. Many of them will even use the bot themselves, making it easier for you to get the most out of Messenger without having to spend as much money.

However, if you were to send a bot to a non-Facebook user, they may not take to the idea as easily. The fact that it is for a friend is one of the biggest reasons that they won't want to accept the bot.

On the other hand, if you were to go to a bot to a person, they may not want to accept the bot either. Maybe they don't know that you have one or they may think that you are an evil con artist trying to trick them.

After you've gotten a bot on Facebook and see how easy it is to set up, you might start to see why it is so popular. Since the bot is a pure online tool, it will not require you to use expensive tools in order to reach your market, making it much easier to use.