All About Effective SEO Reports Dashboards

To make the most appropriate decisions regarding your SEO campaign or give the most obvious value for your customers it is crucial to make powerful SEO reports. Incorrect reporting methods can lead to confusing or unhelpful information that will only serve to consume your time. 

Many professionals believe that simply writing something like SEO report audits is enough to move an initiative forward.What is the difference between an SEO reporting dashboard tool in comparison to business intelligence reporting?

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The first step is to comprehend the purpose of reports. There are two kinds of reports: regularly scheduled reports as well as business intelligence reports. Regular reports provide you with information about what's happening and help you to understand the state that the campaigns are in. 

Business intelligence reports differ in that they explain the reasons behind the results and also how the information can be utilized to create improvements. For instance, SEOs could create a report that contains the keywords that are leading to the highest leads or sales, if this is the goal of conversion. 

The person who is driving the SEO campaign is then able to place more emphasis on getting a higher ranking for these terms and increase the number of keywords in pay-per-click advertising. You can even search online for more information about the SEO reporting dashboard.