Airport Parking – Quick Guide for First Time Travelers

Now you don't have to worry about your vehicle before your flight. International-class facilities are available at the best UK airports including Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Birmingham, and Heathrow.

You can either drive and find a parking space right before your flight or book in advance. The latter is always the best option as you don't want to bother yourself right before your flight. Most airport parking lots have parking bays full most of the time. You can also save up to 25% on regular prices by booking in advance. Find more about the Sydney International Airport Parking via online sources.

Manchester airport parking is extremely convenient with authorities working to make it carbon neutral before 2015. Its eight different public car parks provide approximately 16,000 bays. These are complemented by parking bays at 10 privately owned parking lots. A convenient shuttle service is also available that picks you up at the terminal.

Parking at Birmingham Airport is one of the cheapest in England, including a multi-story parking lot. Two hours of parking at the airport costs only £1.20 for the first 30 minutes. As with other airports, if you go up to three months in booking, you can park for as little as £2.99 per day. Up to 60% off regular parking costs can be availed on booking.

Booking at Heathrow Airport Parking can get you up to 70% off on regular prices. You also get free parking when you book a room in a nearby hotel. Heathrow also has a commercial car parking service that facilitates longer stays along with an on-demand transfer service.

Stansted Airport Parking also offers the same amount of short-stay and long-stay parking, but its unique features include much larger parking bays for camper vans or trailers. But these are very limited in number and you won't find a large empty bay unless you have booked for it in advance.

Facilities at all these airports include a premium valet or chauffeur service. At the reception, you are greeted by a driver who takes the keys from you and when you return, you are handed your car keys along with the vehicle parked at the airport. You will not have to worry about parking the vehicle yourself. While this type of valet service is expensive, it is extremely convenient for single women traveling alone, large families, and people with luggage or the physically challenged.