A Network Of Federated Services

The Global Entity Identifier (LEI) system is an integrated system that includes Local Operating Units (LOU) in contract with the Global Legal Entities Foundation (GLEIF), end-users who have open data license access to the LEI.

Partners who cooperate with or support GLEIF through individual agreements. The LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee oversees the Global LEI System.

Master Agreement:

Local Operations Unit (LOU) such as the LEI issuing organization such as indialei.in must meet certain quality and service standards that ensure open and free open access to LEI associating data and act in such a way that the risk of market coverage is minimized.

The main agreement is a contract that sets out the technical rules and standards that the LOU and GLEIF must follow. It also shows:

  • GLEIF service for LOU or public.

  • Mandatory services are provided by LOU for the Global LEI System.

Open Data License:

The Open Data License ensures that LEI and LEI reference data are open and that all end users are guaranteed free public access. This means that the data is not owned, has no access restrictions, and is easily accessible at any time. Unlimited access to LEI reference data and LEI is an important GLEIF service for the public.

Individual Agreement:

Individual agreements apply when GLEIF engages a service provider or when a service provider asks GLEIF to provide a warranty, eg. Service level metrics.