A Brief About Different Types of Tire Chain

Certain parts of the world experience cold and harsh winters every year. Heavy snowfall for most of the year and an extreme decrease in temperatures certainly makes it difficult for vehicles to ply on the road. 

This problem has been overcome by using the tire chain. The tire chain (Also Known as “ โซ่ยาง “ in the Thai Language) is a device developed to increase traction during heavy snowfall and ice conditions on the road. 

This is just a chain attached to the front and rear wheel of vehicles to increase traction and facilitate heavy snow or ice movements. The use of tire chains is very common not only in heavy snowfall areas but mountainous areas too. 

How to Put On Snow Chains in 2021 | The Manual

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Some certain countries recommend the mandatory use of tire chains during winter on certain roads to avoid traffic congestion and other related accidents.

There are mainly three types of tire chains such as diamond tire chains, cable tire chains, and link tire chains. The diamond tire chain gets their names from different diamond patterns of interrelated metal strands.

The cable tire chain has a metal strand, which runs horizontally against the face of the tire in a straight strip. Because they resemble cables that run parallel to each other, they are called cable tire chains. 

The tire link chain is a combination of patterns used to produce diamond chains and cable tires. They have a chain link lattice that runs horizontally against the face of the tire.