The typology of texts bv V.G. Admondy

The typology of texts bv V.G. Admondy

The classification of utterances by V.G.Admondy is based on the differences between various aspects of language communication, The author singles out eight aspects, each presupposing a number of types of utterances characterized by specific features. As it was mentioned before, V.G.Admondy takes onto account only reproducible utterances (the scholar gives them the status of ‘texts’), completely neglecting one-moment utterances, that are pronounced to achieve communicative aim in a given communicative situation. According to this approach V.G.Admony singles out,the types of single (one-moment) and reproducible utterances.

The main sphere of application of one-moment utterance is spoken language, which is materialized in dialogue or polylogue form.

To V.G.Admondy’s point, of view, dialogue may be of the following types:

1. Everyday-life dialogue; dialogue at home;
2. Production dialogue (professional); dialogue at work, between collaborators;
3. Scholastic and educational dialogue; between scholars and teacher – student;
4. “Parliamentary” and “meeting” dialogue;
5. Judicial and administrative dialogue;
6. Military dialogue.

Each of the above mentioned type of dialogue has a lot of varieties, depending on the character and purpose of communication.