Розмовна тема: My Greatest Teacher

Розмовна тема: My Greatest Teacher

Постановка проблеми: Tell us about the Greatest Teacher You Have Ever Had.

First of all, I’d like to emphasize the importance of teachers in our life as a whole. It is a teacher who supplies us with all necessary knowledge at school, however, I don’t think that only obtaining information from teachers is the most essential thing for students while they are being taught at school within 8 or 10 years. In spite of a teacher’s competence in a certain subject as an educator, a teacher should remain, first and foremost, a person, I mean a personality. It is from him or her that we, pupils start learning the basics of life.

To be a great teacher, a person should have some charisma. So, frankly speaking, to value someone’s greatness is not an easy task to do because we understand greatness in our own way. However, let me try.

I am going to tell you about our class teacher, Natalia Hrygorivna, a teacher of Ukrainian. She has been our class teacher for seven years and she has become our true and close friend. Of course, Natalia Hrygorivna is competent in everything connected with teaching Ukrainian. She knows her subject perfectly and, therefore, she is a real professional in her sphere of knowledge. Sure, she tells us exciting facts about lives of great Ukrainian writers and poets, explains grammar rules, and what not. She finds just the right words and we, her pupils, never get bored listening to her.

It is natural that at the lessons of Ukrainian some funny episodes happen to my classmates especially if they are not ready for the lesson and I’ll never forget these lessons of true knowledge and fun. Apparently, the secret of our class teacher is warm and respectable attitude towards us, her pupils: she is kind-hearted and cares about us and we if) our turn feel friendly to her. It does not mean that our teacher is not strict and stern – she has made us work and study. To be more exact, she has made us eager and willing to work -and we studied with pleasure and real enthusiasm!

Thanks to Natalia Hrygorivna, I’ve understood that school is not only a place of formal education, it is a place where we can develop our skills in social relationships and increase our tolerance and mutual respect for each other. It is almost impossible for anyone to forget our ‘tea-parties’ held as usual after classes on Fridays. I hope those hearty conversations during our tea parties will return to me in my fond recollections of school time. Natalia Hrygorivna has taught us and me, in particular, to be patient, persistent and persevering and accept life as it is without any complaints. These qualities are essential for anyone who tends to achieve something great in life.

‘Never say die’ is my teacher’s motto and I try to follow it in my own life. Natalia Hrygorivna is an exuberant person, full of life and optimism. I wish I felt cheerful and satisfied with everything my life presents me as my teacher does. She finds satisfaction even in small joys of her life, not forgetting that life itself is God’s bless. Being a person needs too much and I hope I have gained a lot by communicating with such a charismatic teacher as our Natalia Hrygorivna is. I would like to teach others to enjoy every moment of their lives, try to fill it with activities, work and real pleasure as my teacher does. Absoluteness is inside us -that is the greatest lesson my teacher has taught me!