Aims and objectives of teaching English

Aims and objectives of teaching English

The aims are the first and most important consideration in any teaching. The teacher should know exactly what his pupils are expected to achieve in learning English, what changes he can bring about in his pupils’ knowledge at the end of the course, year, term, month, week, and each particular lesson. The term “aims” is considered to be a long-term goals such as to cover the upper-intermediate course program with beginners. The term “objectives” can be used for short-term goals that may reasonably be achieved in a classroom lesson.

There are three types of aims (objectives) which should be achieved in for­eign language teaching:

practical – pupils acquire habits and skills in using a foreign language;

educational – in the process of learning a foreign language the pupils ac­quire their own learning habits and strategies, they learn to study;

developmental – they develop their mental abilities and intelligence in the process of learning a foreign language;

cultural – pupils extend their knowledge of the world in which they live and in which the speakers of the target language live.